Year 6 Expedition to Budapest and New Vraja Dham

Last June, the Graduating class of 7 children from Year 6 flew off to Europe for a very memorable, educational and exciting adventure.  With the support and help of one of our former students of Hungarian origin, who had returned to Hungary, we made plans to visit the schools and temples as well as learn a little about the History of Hungary.

We were accompanied on the trip by 3 teachers, 2 governors and parents.  After landing in Budapest, the children made their way by minibus to the school were they were greeted by Damayanti (their friend and former school colleague) and her mother Bhakti devi.  The children settled into their accomodation in the school classroom and later had a meal with their friends.

The next morning the children rose early and made their way walking to the temple.  After the morning programme and breakfast, we all headed out to see the sights of Budapest.   Travelling on the local trams we headed to the river Danube where we would be on a river cruise through the city.  Stopping at Margaret Island, the children were enchanted by the musical water garden, the park, and the lovely zoo.  The following day we set out on the 2 hour journey through the Hungarian countryside to New Vraja Dham.  Staying at newly built Radha’s resort and Wellness centre was a treat and we had 3 apartments.  In the afternoon we all were invited to Damayanti’s 11th birthday lunch on the veranda of the restaurant.  After pizza, chips, cake and ice cream, the children were still enthusiastic to go on a tour of this unique ecovillage.  Visiting the goshalla to see the cows, the underground vegetable store, the temple and all its artistry was really inspiring and uplifting.   The children got to see sustainability in action.

The next day, after attending the morning worship, the children visited a local town which has a natural mineral water baths/springs.   Although it wasn’t particularly warm, the leisure facility hosted indoor and outdoor provision, slides, spa pools over a huge area.  The children (and teachers) had a great time!

The next morning, we visited the new school in the community.  Doing a spontaneous reenactment of one of Krishna’s pastimes with the other students was fun but challenging!!  We were warmly hosted there.

Before we knew it – the trip was coming to an end.  Thanks to Malini (one of the parent governors) all the parents of the children were sent constant updates, photos and commentary.

We would like to thank Bhakti devi, Rasikananda, Damayanti and Danvir, and all the devotees of the Hungarian community for giving us all such a valuable and enriching experience.