Year 5/6 Camping Trip to Camber Sands

Year 5/6 Camping Trip to Camber Sands

By Nishtha Chezian (Year 6)

So the day started with a 6 hour long road trip, but it was worth it. Our camping fields were 31, 32, 33 and when we finally reached there we started eating lunch. It was way past 1 o’clock.

Next came the mattresses and tents. One by one we took our mattresses to be blown up by an electrical pump. Once we finished the mattresses, I lazed on mine, trying to read a book but I finally decided to help with the tents.

Swimming pool time! We played in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, wave simulator and water slide. After that we just relaxed and I played tennis and talked with my friends. After a while it was dinner time – mashed potato and baked beans were made by Mother Moksha.

The next day, we went to the park, then chanted Japa, then said our prayers and began eating cereal.
We then headed to the beach – it was sooooo warm that I just lay on the hot sand and sunbathed then crawled into the sea and splashed everyone!

In the swimming pool, we invented a new game called ‘the ball game’ and we had to try get the ball which the other team is throwing to each other.

Everyone was depressed about leaving and wishing they could stay for at least one more night. As I sadly packed my things, except my swimming things and clothes, I said goodbye to our camping fields and helped pack away the tents.
Goodbye Camber Sands. Goodbye camping holiday – the best holiday in my life.

At the end of May, the children from the Year 5/6 Class visited Camber Sands in East Sussex for a 3 day camping trip! We were fortunate to have blue skies and sunshine for the duration of the trip and the children spent their time visiting the beach and sand dunes, finding shells, stones to paint and plenty of crabs and swimming in the newly refurbished swimming pools – which had 2 jacuzzis, a whirlpool and a water slide. They played in the amazing playground on-site and thoroughly enjoyed using the aqua-jets and hamster balls in the pool! The on-site tennis courts proved a big hit and the large areas surrounding the tent were great for frisbee and ball games, whilst Mother Moksha prepared delicious camping prasadam and her famous ‘camping cake’! I think we can say the children had a wonderful experience they will never forget!

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