Visit to RAF Museum

Recently Vrindavan class(Year4,5 and 6) got the wonderful opportunity to visit The RAF Museum as part of a school trip.  Children observed with delight the planes from World War I and II, marvelling at their size and mechanism and how greatly they differ from planes today. They were excited to consolidate their knowledge from their lessons on WWI in class, by seeing genuine artefacts from this time period. The museum guide explained further about the experience of soldiers in the war and the children were excited to hold and examine different articles worn by pilots who fought in the war. Furthermore, the students were incredibly excited to try on some of the clothes themselves, providing an immersive experience, so the history they had spent weeks studying in school seemed to come to life! Building upon this exhilarating experience they visited the simulator cinema where they sat breath taken as they got watched what it was like being on a bomber airplane. Overall it was an incredible learning experience for all the kids, and vital for their growth as they felt the importance of the history they had been studying and it’s impact in today’s world.