Visit to Imperial War Museum London

The Vrindavan Class (Year 5 and 6)  visited the Imperial War Museum in the last weeks of the school term with their teachers Mother Padma and Kalindi.    It was an amazing educational experience for them!  Not only did they get to experience life in the trenches in the First World War, but also experienced life in London during the 2nd Word War under attack!  They learnt about rationing and how children were sent to the countryside for safety.   It is most important for the children of all generations to understand the History of Britain during these troubled times.  It is also important for them to get a perspective on conflicts that arise in the world and the cause of them.  Srila Prabhupada, our founding guru spoke about The Peace Formula.  Simply by not identifying with our body, country etc and thinking it better than another’s ….we can find peace and harmony.  By seeing that we are all part and parcel of the same God, we can not let these bodily designations and national obsessions get in the way of peace.