Visit to Buddhist Temple

On 12th of October Vrindavan Class (Year 4,5 and 6) visited Buddhist Temple. On their arrival they were warmly greeted by a Buddhist nun from Sri Lanka. They saw monks and nuns performing prayers and begging for their lunch. They had brought fruits with them which they lovingly gave to the monks and nuns. Then they had their lunch. Haricandra sweeped the floor after lunch. Nun gave them a tour of the temple where children asked many interesting questions. They really enjoyed the day.

Following is the experince of the day as written by Harichandra of Year 6

Amaravati Buddhist temple is a very nice place. It is always quiet and very peaceful.
We gave food to the very peaceful , happy monks and nuns. We then visited the field, where there was a stupa (tomb) where past senior monks’ and nuns’ relics are kept.
We then visited the ceremonial room where families bring the bodies of thier passed away family members. Inside the temple we did some meditation for ten minutes.
Year 6