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  Curriculum Policy 2019-2020

  Curriculum Model 2019

  Annotated Lesson Plans – Overview

  Teacher professional development programme 2019-2020

  SEN policy 2019-2020

  Marking and Feedback Policy 2019-2020

  Enhanced Staffing Structure 2019-2020

  Accessibility Plan

  Admission Policy

  Anti Bullying Policy

 Attendance Policy

  Behaviour policy

  British Values

  Child Missing Education Policy

  Complaints-Procedure (Number of formal complaints received from Sep 2017 – Aug 2018: 2. Number of formal complaints received from September 2018 – date: 1)

  Curriculum Policy

  Data Protection Policy

  First Aid Policy

  Health and Safety Policy

  Intimate Care Physical Contact Policy

  Online Safety Policy

  Physical Intervention Reasonable Force Policy

  Race and Equality Policy

  Risk Assessment Policy

 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (Updated September 2019)

  Safer Working Practices Staff Leaflet

  Special Needs (SEND) Policy

  Staff Code of Conduct

  Whistleblowing Policy