Home-School Agreement

Home / Home-School Agreement

In the interests of our/my children’s education and working in partnership with the school, I agree:

1. To cooperate with the school to the best of our/my ability to the enhancement of our/my children’s education; both academic, social and spiritual.

2. To participate, where practical, in events organised for our/my child/children both in and outside of school hours including getting involved in fund raising events

3. To attend Parent’s evenings and be involved with the curriculum wherever possible and applicable

4. To allow our/my child/children on educational trips where arranged

5. To send my child to school in suitable, clean, clothing, as mentioned in the handbook

6. To ensure that our/my child/children arrive at school at the correct time and are collected as the school finishes

7. To ensure that our/my child/children come to school in a positive frame of mind, with enough sleep beforehand

8. To follow the discipline structure within the school and support decisions made in this area

9. To ensure that my child’s schoolbag is checked every day and all homework completed.

10. To return the reading folders and any school text and reading books or be liable to pay for them

11. To inform the school, at least 24 hours in advance of any appointment which may need a child’s removal on that day ie dentist or doctor and to bring a note if your child as been absent stating the reason.

12. To allow only agreed contents for break time snacks (as per handbook)

13. To pay school fees promptly at the beginning of each month by direct debit in accordance with the school policy on payment of fees.

   Please download the PDF version of this form from this link and return it signed to the school.