Govardhan Puja

The children congregated in the Hay barn for their Annual Govardhan puja celebration.  The mood of Vrindavan was recreated with the mooing of the cows, the hay bales and mostly because of the wonderful Govardhan Hill created with sumptuous offerings of sweets, biscuits and savouries prepared by the children and their parents.  After hearing the animated story by Jahnavi and Mother Renu, the children danced around Govardhan enthusiastically.  Go puja followed next….lovingly feeding the cows and decorating them with colourful handprints.  The children had made flower garlands and Shyami and Chakri had the opportunity to garland them.  The day concluded with bullock cart rounds for everyone around the grounds and a wonderful feast that went on for some time.  Thank you to all the children, parents and teachers for their enthusiastic participation!

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