Govardhan Hill / Harvest Festival

October is a time when we celebrate the Harvest and thank Krishna for all the abundance around us.   For the special festival of Govardhan the children and parents prepared sweets, biscuits, savouries, all types of fruits and made a wonderful edible hill that was first of course offered to Krishna Himself in the form of Giri Govardhan.  We assembled in the Hay Barn down at the Farm.   For the first time ever the children sang as a whole school choir (Mantra choir) and led by Jayadeva they sang in harmony to glorify the Lord.  There was plenty of dancing around this hill of delight which also included the wonderful animals of Vrindavan that give us milk, butter, yoghurt .  There were many cows, marzipan snakes (made by the children), chickens and pigs.  To conclude the festival the children decorated the cows with coloured hand prints c and after washing hands relished the many wonderful preparations on the picnic benches.  The children were treated to a ride on the bullock cart around the farm which they enjoyed so much!