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Bhaktivedanta Manor School is a unique independent primary school which aims to develop a child’s full academic, spiritual and moral potential. We believe in delivering a high standard of education and preparing pupils to become individuals of sound character, behaviour and competence.

Our Vision

“A personal school that makes a vital contribution to a child’s spiritual, moral, academic, social and cultural development.”

Our Mission

To nurture learned, self-assured and Krishna Conscious children, individually equipped to realise their potentials and to apply their learning in life.

Our Ideals

To realise our vision and mission, the School promotes six ideals namely:

1. Joyful Spiritual Experience

2. Academic Achievement

3. Positive Self-Image

4. Flourishing Environment

5. Exemplary Learning & Teaching

6. Supportive, Collaborative Leadership

Our Values

The School aims to promote perception of the Divine (Krishna), especially through the consistent application of policies, and to engender in pupils the following five virtues:

1. Positive Interest in Life

2. Respect and Self-Control

3. Honesty and Responsibility

4. Courage and Confidence

5. Care and Kindness